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Freezium is used as a multipurpose heat transfer fluid based on potassium formate. Freezium offers low viscosity at low temperatures, specifically designed for indirect cooling and heat pumps.

Packaging Information



  • Available from A‑Gas wholesale partners. Find a supplier.
  • Store container indoors at an ambient temperature, out of direct sunlight and avoid exposure to temperature above 35oC
  • Freezium has a recommended shelf life of one year in unopened containers providing you follow the storage details above
  • For alternative or larger package sizes please contact A‑Gas on 01275376600 or via the Contact Us form

Product Features and Benefits

  • Applications: Process cooling, Solar panels, Heat pump systems, Artificial ski-tracks, Ice rinks, Indirect cooling systems
  • Freezium remains a fluid even if the pipe work is frozen
  • Freezium provides protection against boiling, freezing and corrosion
  • It is recommended to avoid using Freezium in installations containing Aluminium, Zinc or galvanized steel