Total Solutions - Halogenated Fire Extinguishing Agents
Being environmentally responsible is paramount! Talk to A-Gas about managing your decommissioned Halon and other Clean Agents.

Total Solutions - Halogenated Fire Extinguishing Agents

In 1987 the global agreement the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete The Ozone Layer was signed. Since then, it has seen 8 revisions and has been ratified by 197 countries.

These countries are committed to taking action to stop the production and use of CFCs, Halon, and other ozone depleting substances to protect the ozone layer. The most recent amendment, the Kigali Amendment calls for the phase down of Hydrofluorocarbons which subsequently expands the scope and ambition of the Protocol.

A-Gas provides global solutions for Halon 1301 and other Clean Agents. With decades of experience managing gas sourced from around the world, we are happy to help you find the best solution for your decommissioned gases in the most environmentally responsible way. A-Gas has a long track record for supplying recycled or reclaimed Halon for those essential /critical use applications like civil aviation where there are very limited technically and economically feasible alternatives and substitutes to Halon 1301.

Implementing the obligations of the Montreal Protocol varies from country to country.  Helping you understand and navigate the international and national regulatory environment is one of our strengths.  Our experts are more than happy to help manage your compliance requirements. 

We’ve got you covered!

We've got you covered for all your fire protection product needs:

  • Environmental Services

    We provide best recovery, reclamation, banking and even disposal services as required for a range of fire suppression agents. 

  • Halon Banking

    A‑Gas' complete lifecycle management of Halon offers essential users the ability to bank recovered and recertified bulk products for future needs. 

  • Recovery

    Have you heard about A-Gas Rapid Recovery? We help with the recovery of fire suppression gases in damaged cylinders using Rapid Recovery technology. This makes all your cylinders safe. 

  • Compliance

    A-Gas are the experts in global environmental regulation and industry requirements. 

  • Reclaim

    Proprietary in-house technology allows A-Gas to separate mixed or contaminated Halon 1301 and other Clean Agents to maximise product available for re-use. 

  • Recycle

    With A-Gas technology we ensure maximum material is available for return to critical users.  

The process for selling Halon 1301.

How to Sell Your Halon 1301 to A-Gas

Some questions you should answer are as follows:

  • How much Halon do you have?

  • What standard of cylinder it is used to contain the Halon? D.O.T.? Other? 

  • When is the Halon 1301 available?

  • Do you know the original end user for each cylinder in your batch?

  • What is the provenance/history of your Halon 1301?


Some questions you might have for A-Gas:

  • Why should I sell my Halon in my fire suppression system?

  • How can I replace the Halon in my system? 

  • Can A-Gas help finance the replacement of Halon with another fire suppressant alternative? What alternatives are out there? 


A‑Gas provides global solutions for Halon 1301, other Clean Agents and alternative technologies such as water, flooding etc. A key company objective is to simplify the obligations under the Montreal Protocol for Halon 1301 and other Clean Agents. We'll help you make the best choice for your business.

"Our team of experts are on hand to assist in every stage of the product lifecycle, from supply, lab analysis, recovery/reclamation, to disposal, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today and allow us to offer you a superior solution for your fire protection needs." Elvira Nigido - Compliance & National Halon Bank Manager