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Let's talk about your Halon 1301!

Halon is a liquefied, compressed gas that stops the spread of fire by chemically disrupting combustion.

  • No residue.
  • Safe for human exposure.
  • Effective for flammable liquids & electrical fires (B:C).
  • Electrically non-conductive.
  • Best performing clean agent fire suppression gas depletes ozone layer.

Production of Halon 1301 has ended completely.

Critical Users, as defined in Montreal Protocol, will allow usage of Halon 1301 in certain circumstances. Most of this end users are now available and happy to discuss your requirements. It is very important that we all take responsibility to ensure recycling and reusing the existing supply intelligently and responsibly is carried out to ensure maximum availability for critical uses such as aircraft industry.

When you sell decommissioned Halon or Clean Agents to A‑Gas, the seller is contributing to a very successful environmental programme:

  1. The whole in the Ozone layer is regenerating in response to control of ODS gases.  
  2. The seller gains financial benefit in safely disposing of a product that will become a liability.

A‑Gas provides global solutions for Halon and Halon-alternative Clean Agents. With over 20 years of experience in purchasing gas from companies and governments around the world, we are happy to help you manage your Halon 1301 in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Over the years we have developed a methodology to expedite this process and provide you with an excellent experience both financially and environmentally. 

Why Sell Your Halon 1301 to A-Gas

  • 1. You Guarantee Your Social Responsibility

    Protect the ozone layer while also preventing climate change. Join the international efforts and make sure we maximise life and usability for critical users. Visit Halon Worldwide page.  

  • 2. We Can Assist in Managing Your Halon Requirements

    We can help you with more than just selling your Halon - take advantage of our Total Solutions approach that includes: Buying, Selling, Recharging, and Recycling of Halon and Clean Agents.

  • 3. You Gain a Financial Benefit

    Currently, A-Gas is offers excellent prices for your Halon 1301 and ensures rapid payment terms. Sell Your Used Halon & Clean Agent Alternatives.

  • 4. A-Gas Deliver Unmatched Customer Service

    Buy or Sell your Halon 1301 and other Clean Agents. Our employees work around the clock to guarantee timely service for our customers. Whether we are helping you to buy or sell your Halon and Clean Agents - you can count on us. Contact our International Halon Team today! We are currently buying Halon 1301 and other Clean Agents from anywhere across world.

A-Gas A One Stop Shop With Our Total Solutions Value Proposition!

Our Fire Protection International Team

Not sure who to contact about selling your Halon? View our team below!

  • Martin O'Donnell

    Looking after global strategy for the fire suppression activities, support field staff with customer visits, monitor and help deliver projects, and support prospecting.
  • Elvira Nigido

    Compliance & National Halon Bank Manager
    With over 20 years specialist expertise in best practice and life cycle management of Halon, Ozone Depleting Substances and Synthetic Greenhouse Gases found in fire protection and refrigeration systems.
  • Genn Ko

    Do you have Halon that you would like to sell? Genn looks after the South East Asia region. If you have Halon or other Clean Agent fire suppression system, A-Gas can help you save time and money. 
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    Nicolai von Dellingshausen

    Do you have Halon that you would like to sell? Nicolai looks after Europe Mainland.
  • Image alt text set in Media folder

    Jaison Francis

    Do you have Halon that you would like to sell? Jaison looks after India.
"Having an in depth understanding and appreciation of the Department’s requirements meant that our submission was very tailored and met this customers objectives from a value for money, competence and quality point of view.” Elvira Nigido - Compliance & National Halon Bank Manager