10 July 2017

My Work Experience at A-Gas Article!

Doing work experience shows passion and interest. Jenny Logan from Gordano School spent one week with A-Gas International. Read her work experience article. 

"If I were to choose something that would represent my week of work experience at A-Gas International, it would be Ruth Boxall. Ruth has sat opposite the whole week and has made me feel very welcome. If I ever struggled with a task I knew I could always ask Ruth who would know the answer. Ruth was that friendly face that every morning when I walked into the office and saw her there I wouldn’t be so nervous anymore as I knew I was in safe hands. I am very glad I had someone like Ruth looking after me all week, because If I didn’t I feel like I wouldn’t have learnt the vast amount that I did.

Although, I shouldn’t have been nervous to come into work as everyone on the team have been so welcoming and I have enjoyed every second of it. I have done a wide spectrum of tasks this week, from sorting out the key cupboard, to sitting in on phone meetings to people in Australia, to even making a video to be put on the A-Gas website. These activities have helped me learn and push me in the direction of figuring out what job path I want to go down.

Something else I could easily choose to represent my week would be the marketing team. They have taught me all about what it is like to work within marketing and how to go about approaching a job in that field. I could even say that, because of them and all the help they have given me, it has helped me realise that I would really love job within marketing as it includes almost everything that I enjoy.

I am very thankful to everyone down at A-Gas headquarters for giving up their time to discuss their jobs with me. They have made my week way more fun and exciting that I could ever expect. I never thought that I would be happy and be looking forward to go into a job. Although, this week, every day when I woke up, I would be excited to go into the office as I knew that when I got back later that evening I would be better off for it. Without this experience, I would probably still be very confused and scared every time someone would ask me what I wanted to do when I’m older. But now I know how fun it can be to work in an office, I am very much looking forward to getting out of school and hopefully finding a job with people as enjoyable as here."

Jenny Logan