21 June 2017

Things are hotting up in Portbury!

The construction of A-Gas’ latest waste refrigerant distillation plant at Portbury is progressing at a pace. Over the last weekend, the last major components including the reboiler, condenser and compressor unit were lifted into place.

Project Manager Jimmy Holmes commented “It’s great to see a large project like this nearing completion. The weather over the weekend was a little uncomfortable due to the heat wave, but certainly better than doing it in the rain! The construction team worked seamlessly to get all the components into place safely. With the major structural phase now complete, the installation now moves on to wiring and instrumentation and we are on track for commissioning of the plant in August”.

This new refrigerant separator forms part of A-Gas’ strategy to increase refrigerant reclamation capacity in the UK. This plant will increase A-Gas’ ability to separate and reclaim mixed refrigerant waste which would otherwise be incinerated and therefore lost from the supply chain. Increased volumes of reclaimed refrigerants will support the HVAC industry during the phase down of older higher GWP refrigerants, and is a necessary part of the overall supply mix according to the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE).