04 April 2017

Online form from A-Gas helps make the low GWP switch easy

A-Gas has introduced an online refrigeration selection form Refrigerant Suggestions to make the switch from high GWP refrigerants to low GWP refrigerants as easy as possible. The F-Gas Regulations are forcing installers and end-users to look at greener options and make more efficient use of their refrigerants. But the requirements of each system are different and finding the right low-GWP alternative can be a challenge for even the most experienced refrigeration specialist.

A-Gas Refrigerant Product Manager Roger Smith said: “There’s no silver bullet – no one refrigerant is a match for all systems. The selection criteria will differ but what we can do at A-Gas is look at the alternatives available and suggest the ones which are the best for you. This new online form is there to make the switch to low GWP gases as straightforward possible.

“There is a sample report to download which will provide an indication of the changes needed. Included in this is cooling duty, power requirements, charge sizes and other key elements. A-Gas technical experts are on hand to suggest which low GWP refrigerant options most closely match the system you are looking to convert. We can also carry out modelling to see how the new low GWP refrigerant will perform and this can provide an enhanced appreciation of the options available.”

Other refrigerant users may have already made a similar switch and A-Gas is able to highlight the advantages of one refrigerant against another. New products are appearing on the market all the time and these can be included in the scenarios.  A colour-coded report table is provided to assist the customer to make the right choice and this allows A-Gas to present a broad-based view on the new refrigerant and its operational parameters.

Mr Smith said: “We believe that our new online refrigeration suggestion form will help lighten the load when you switch to a low GWP refrigerant. Add to this the benefit of our expertise, you will be in a better position to make the right decision but with the greenest option available.”

The A-Gas online refrigeration selection form Refrigerant Suggestions is easy to download. Visit the A-Gas website and complete the form.