19 July 2017

My Work Experience at A-Gas UK Article!

Doing work experience shows passion and interest. Adam Hancorn from Gordano School spent one week with A-Gas UK. Read his work experience article. 

Firstly, I would like to thank the A-Gas Team for letting me have such an amazing week. It is hard to sum up my whole week into a sentence but if I were, I would say that my work experience was welcoming, jam-packed, full of knowledge and always interesting, with new things around every corner.

I am very thankful that I always had a helping hand with any task and was given guidance throughout my whole week. A-Gas gave me a well-rounded example of how the company runs, I was also shown the ins and outs of the different parts of the company. I've spent one day with everyone at A-Gas International learning about Business Systems, Group Finance and Group Marketing. At the Portbury site I really enjoyed working with the Lab Team which gave me an overview of the reclamation service.

All the experiences over the week have shown me how crucial the different job roles in the company are and how well everyone works as a team.