What Happens Next?
19 June 2018

Life AFTER January 1, 2020?

R-22 has been a long standing staple in the HVAC industry. Before it was found to have a large global warming impact, R-22 was the "go to" refrigerant for many applications, including a large chunk of air conditioning units in the U.S. 

Some equipment in the market has already been upgraded or retrofitted with a more environmentally friendly refrigerant alternative. But, there are plenty of units in the market that will continue to be around for many years to come.

Trane has created a handy Phase Out Guide to R-22 and Alternatives to help customers understand the facts and their options with R-22 air conditioning units. (Available below.)

As always, we are here to educate and serve our customers with any refrigerant needs they might have. As the largest refrigerant reclaimer in the world, we have been focused on life beyond January 1, 2020 for several years. We will continue to invest in our separation and reclamation technology to make sure we can help preserve a supply of AHRI certified R-22 for years to come.

If you are upgrading your customers, we have a large selection of refrigerants for sale!

Need some R-22 recovered? We do that too!


Trane R-22 Phase Out Alternatives