Regulatory Updates
19 March 2018

Is it time to rethink your R404A and R507A usage?

From 2018, F-Gas regulations will mean a significant phase down in the available quantities of HFC’s in the EU.

Industry bodies, such as the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), are offering companies and individuals support on the phase down.

The two HFCs that will be most affected by the phase down are R404A and R507A due to their high Global Warming Potential (GWP). The EPEE has recently launched a leaflet to advise end users and others to move away from installing R404A and R507A in new equipment throughout Europe, as part of the F-Gas phase down. The leaflet highlights the main risks associated with not taking action and in addition has suggested alternatives to these products in existing systems, as well as advice on refrigerant recovery which can ease the pressures of the HFC phasedown.

The leaflet can be accessed below.

Download Leaflet

There is still time if you haven’t yet switched to low GWP alternatives; if you have systems running on R404A there is still product available for use. However, you will be required to move away from high GWP products in the near future, so you do need to plan ahead.

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