Community Involvement
18 January 2017

A-Gas Americas supports Heroes in Action

A-Gas Americas is proud to support Heroes in Action. Heroes in Action is a Toledo, Ohio based military outreach support group that provides services for past and present military service members. 

On January 5th a group of A-Gas Americas staff sat down with the coordinator and founder of Heroes in Action, Dawn Heisler, to discuss what exactly the group does, and how we can help. Dawn explained that they send monthly care packages to currently serving military personnel all over the world. The particular service members will receive a package every month until they come home. This in itself is a wonderful service, and it is just one of the many ways Dawn and her group are working hard to provide for our military members. 

After the meeting, Mike Armstrong (COO), Marshall Severhof (Finance), and Jaclyn Schilkey (Marketing) worked hand in hand with Heroes volunteers to package up the 50 boxes that would make their way to serving soldiers. Being able to be a part of such a wonderful program was humbling. To see some photos of the event Click Here.

In addition to their monthly shipments, Heroes in Action provides support for Veterans that need it. The group takes donations of furniture and household items to be able to assist any veteran that may need it, they provide access to counseling, and they can even help veterans find employment. 

A-Gas Americas is looking forward to growing our support network with Heroes in Action.


To learn more about this wonderful organization, or to find out ways you can help support our veterans and troops, Please click on the logo below!