28 June 2016

How will the phase-down on imports of HFCs effect the Auto AC market? Register here for the future:gas roadshow

For the first time in two decades, automotive air-conditioning is undergoing substantial change, with the current industry-standard refrigerant R134a being replaced by two new gases, R1234yf and R744, which have been adopted by the global vehicle manufacturers.

The future:gas seminars being held across Australia and New Zealand will be vital to businesses and technicians facing a rapidly changing industry, providing access to the industry’s top experts and explaining the reason for the changes, the technical background of the new refrigerants, new safe working practices and standards relating to the quality and design of both components and service equipment.

If you work in automotive air-conditioning, going to your local future:gas seminars is a must, because we’ve seen all the confusing conflicting messages and misinformation.

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