Case Study
13 December 2016

Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases 2015

The European Environment Agency has published its new summary report of data by companies on the production, import and export of F-Gases in the EU. The report shows that the EU is on track with the phasedown goals as in 2015 companies respected the prescribed limits of the quota system. 

The new regulation requires, among other things, that companies report on produced, imported and exported quantities of F-gases, including mixtures. Reporting obligations are also established for companies that:

• use F-gases as a feedstock for a chemical reaction process;
• destroy F-gases; or
• import products or equipment containing F-gases.

763 companies had reported on their F-gas activity during 2015. 

Please find the report here or by clicking the button below and do let us know should you have any questions.

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