29 November 2016

Delivery of F Gases a Practical Guide for Distributors

F gases are used as refrigerants in several types of products and appliances, such as in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment. Despite F gases having no ozone depletion potential, they are potentially powerful greenhouse gases with a global warming effect. Therefore, the F gas Regulation (Regulation 517/2014/EC) aims at reducing emissions of these gases through a variety of measures: rules on containment, use, recovery and destruction, but also quantitative limits for the placing on the market of HFCs (phase-down).

The revised F gas Regulation sets new requirements for delivery of fluorinated greenhouse gases: distributors have to perform a check.

They need to ensure that the buyer of fluorinated greenhouse gases held the appropriate certificate.

This guide aims to provide a practical tool for distributors to help them fulfilling their obligations. This guide is divided in two parts: a summary of F gas Regulation requirements and a flowchart to decide what type of refrigerant can be supplied.

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