15 September 2017

Bikes4Life: All for One and One for All

At A‑Gas Australia it’s our people that are the core of our success and symbolise who we are. Our culture is defined by our Spot-On values which are embraced across the whole Company. This is our internally led campaign which promotes behaviours that reflect our core business values and helps shape how we all operate. 

Bikes4Life is a not for profit organisation that alleviates poverty and social injustice in Australia and overseas by recycling and restoring discarded bikes. The mission of Bikes 4 Life to replace the cycle of poverty with a cycle of hope.

This year A-Gas Australia's aim was to support this non-profit organisation. The goal was to assist our teams in a variety of tasks with the main objective to build bikes and understand the importance of working as a team. This was a great Team Bonding Activity. Throughout this challenge, we were navigating many limitations on how we could complete the challenge being blindfolded except for one in our group. All for one and one for all.