11 September 2017

SA Team Goes Art Jamming

At A‑Gas SA it’s our people that are the core of our success and symbolise who we are. Our culture is defined by our Spot-On values which are embraced across the whole Company. This is our internally led campaign which promotes behaviours that reflect our core business values and helps shape how we all operate. 'Art Jamming' can be considered one of our Spot-On initiatives.  

'Art Jamming' was about us putting our aprons on, unleashing our creative sides and having fun with a paintbrush. The teams were divided into groups and had assigned canvases to paint. At the end, each team’s canvasses were put together to form one large picture. This was a great team building event as we all had to work together to create one final product. Everyone agreed that they had such a spectacular and fun experience at 'Art Jamming'!