15 March 2017

A-Gas is aiming for one ship recovery at a time 🚢 (Part 3)

Following on from ACI’s 4th Ship Recycling Congress in London, A-Gas met with Nikos Mikalos, the head of the Sensrec Project. Nikos invited A-Gas to attend a closure meeting in Dhakka. The project aimed primarily to improve environmental and safety standards for workers.

This venture commenced on 9 Sep 2015 and falls under the WMU Maritime Risk and Safety (MaRiSa) research group. More details about Work Package 4, Phase I can be found here.

Martin O’Donnell, Business Development Manager from A-Gas UK, was given tours of shipbreaking yards in Chittagong. “Chittagong is the place where ships come to die. I found them hugely impressive, up close, they have a sort of sad grandeur”, Martin reveals.  

Good business and governmental contacts were gained in Dhakka.

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