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    21 November 2019

    R-22 Phaseout, Educate yourself on the FACTS

    January 1, 2020 is a date the HVACR industry has been watching for quite some time. With the new year, comes new regulations on R-22.

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    12 November 2019

    Acting on the 100 Billion Ton Climate Problem

    The EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) posted a new report on the immediate action that needs to be taken to address the worsening climate crisis. 

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    01 November 2019

    Is a National HFC Phasedown Coming for the U.S.?

    Yesterday, Senators John Kennedy (R-La) and Tom Carper (D- Del) introduced The American Innovation and Manufacturing Act of 2019 to the Senate. In the absence of the ratification of the Kigali Amendment, this new act would give the U.S. EPA the authority to develop a national phase-down schedule of HFCs due to their high global warming potential.