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  • A-Gas Commercial Strategy Director, Dr Patrick Amrhein
    07 March 2019

    Reclaimed Gases: The Way Forward

    A-Gas Commercial Strategy Director, Dr Patrick Amrhein, on how the refrigeration industry should react to the new challenges laid down by the F-Gas Regulations.

  • A-Gas Together we can!
    04 March 2019

    It’s ‘A-Gas’ for Employer of the Year

    A‑Gas has been awarded ‘Employer of the Year’ at the UK’s Business Leader Awards 2018.

  • Globe in Lightbulb
    25 February 2019

    Search, Reuse & Destroy a New Report from the EIA

    For nearly 30 years the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has been a strong force in the advocacy, defense and policy development for global, environmental issues. As the US develops its own plans to address Climate Change on the federal and state levels, EIA has worked with governments and industry leaders in the refrigerants markets to develop both data and proposals to facilitate the phase down and eventual phaseout of HFC’s.