A-Gas Rural
06 November 2017

A-Gas Rural raises funds for charity using the team’s creative flair

A-Gas Rural builds bespoke wood burner to help raise funds for an exceptional charity

A-Gas Rural proudly joined partners, Potatoes South Australia, for the 5th Annual Dinner and Auction at the National Wine Centre. The event, which welcomed 140 guests, reinforced the need for collaboration across all industry sectors to confront any issue at both state and national level, as well as raising funds for a fantastic charity, the Little Heroes Foundation.

A-Gas Rural created a custom-made wood heater for the auction using the creativity of the team to build a prize with meaning which sold at the auction for $2,200 AUD. Each intricate part of the brazier featured a considered back story, resulting in a one-of-a-kind gift. The bespoke design symbolised A-Gas Rural and the history of Potatoes South Australia.

The legs of the heater were made in the shape of planter tynes and the number of legs represented the three historical continents that shaped today’s potato industry:

  • South America: the birth place of potatoes
  • Europe: the development of the modern potato industry
  • North America: the development of the potato into the fast food sector

Other symbolic features include the 6-inch rim of the pot that represents the age of Potatoes South Australia and the cooking pot that represents the importance of potatoes as a global food staple.

“We were honoured to be part of this event and very proud to support such a wonderful charity,” comments Matt Stein, General Manager, A-Gas Rural, “The team worked incredibly hard on this project and we’re thrilled to have received such a positive response to their hard work. Many thanks to Potatoes South Australia for hosting another fantastic event.”

Due to the intense interest in the unique wood burner, A-Gas Rural agreed to create two others for the runner up bidders, resulting in the total raised by the company as $6,600 AUD.

The auction was a huge success, raising almost $17,000 AUD for the Little Heroes Foundation.

The Little Heroes Foundation provides money and support for children recovering from serious health issues. The money raised from the event will be used to invest in rehabilitation equipment.

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