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Now part of the A‑Gas Group, Arthur Friedrichs Kältemittel (AFK) supplies refrigerant to the Automotive industry for use in mobile air conditioning systems. AFK provides high service level when dealing with the logistics of cylinders and drums across Europe.

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Auto Air Conditioning Refrigerants

Let us modernise your auto air conditioning refrigerants, keep you compliant and allow us to help you in selecting the best suited refrigerant for your application. AFK has its own facility in Germany and has developed a strong service culture. Close to its customers, AFK offers help and F‑Gas advice at every step of the relationship. A brief overview of our services is outlined below, or for further details please visit the AFK website.  

  • Refrigerants

    With 97 years’ experience, AFK supplies reliable, high-quality and efficient refrigerant solutions for demanding systems. We are committed to the reduction of the total environmental footprint associated with automotive air-conditioning systems, including indirect emissions due to energy efficiency. We offer a wide range of refrigerants, including low GWP refrigerants and halogen-free refrigerants. We do it all! With our exceptional sales force, technicians and transportation specialists, our service is unmatched.

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  • Fire Protection

    The AFK Fire Suppression Division is proven to be a European platform capable of providing a broad spectrum of high performance products and solutions. Focused on Clean Agents (Halon, HFC227, Novec 1230). It gives us the filling capabilities for both HFC227, and its replacement Novec 1230 for use in Clean Agent Fire Systems.

  • Refrigerant Reclaim and Repacking

    AFK offers a wide range of services for the reclamation of both refrigerants and halon including reclaim capabilities and technology, in addition to refrigerant repacking.

  • Refrigeration Equipment

    To support the use of our industrial and refrigerant gases, we have a range of high quality tools and equipment for handling, filling, maintenance and disposal of refrigerants. Our product range includes: filling hoses, adaptors, quick-lock couplings, filling balances, leak detector liquids, UV lamps, pressure reducers and more

    Refrigeration Equipment

The Next-Generation Refrigerant for Automotive Air Conditioning and Reclamation in the EU Marketplace.