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    16 September 2021

    World Ozone Day 2021: Keeping Us, Our Food and Vaccines Cool

    The preservation of the environment is incredibly important to us, which is why we are celebrating World Ozone Day 2021. The theme for World Ozone Day, hosted by the UN Environment Programme, is “Montreal Protocol - Keeping Us, Our Food and Vaccines Cool.”

  • Industry Insight
    11 August 2021

    Refrigerant Quotas: The Way Ahead

    A quota system has been in place since January 1 to govern the import and export of HFC refrigerants between Great Britain and the rest of the world including the EU.

  • Industry Insight
    09 August 2021

    Operational Properties: Why They Are Key

    The refrigerant is the main working fluid of any cooling system and most equipment is designed around specific refrigerants.