Who We Are

We provide market leading environmental solutions across Europe to help support the transition to a more sustainable world.

Our business is built around innovation, technical expertise and providing world-class operational excellence.

We are driving growth through our people and we pride ourselves on remaining agile to our customer’s needs in order to stay ahead.

Joining A‑Gas will see you working alongside an exceptional team of capable, solutions-focused individuals who care passionately about what we do.

Our Culture

At A-Gas, it’s our people that are the core of our success and symbolise who we are. We are all on a journey together with a shared common sense of purpose. We live by our tagline, “Together We Can” and apply that in our everyday work, working closely as a team to achieve amazing results.

Our culture is defined by our Spot-On values which are embraced across the whole Company. This is our internally led campaign which promotes behaviours that reflect our core business values and helps shape how we all operate.

These values are the guiding principles behind what we do and how we do it. They make us who we are!

Our Vision

“To provide market leading environmental solutions across Europe, to support the transition to a sustainable world”

Our Mission is to drive growth and stakeholder value through:

  • Innovation and technical expertise
  • World-class operational excellence
  • An entrepreneurial pursuit of business development
  • Growing regulatory influence
  • Environmental solutions for current and next-generation refrigerants
  • Empowered and capable people

Our Purpose

Our products are in the world around you every day. When you travel to work in air-conditioned transport, buy your sandwich from a supermarket fridge, see your chilled product travel to its destination on a refrigerated lorry, work in an air-conditioned building, take a flight on an aircraft protected from fire, ice skate on a frozen rink– all seemingly simple everyday occurrences that we all take for granted- these are only possible thanks to the gas products supplied by our industry.

We are a leading supplier of gas and supplementary services to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, insulation and fire protection industries. We offer market leading reclamation, laboratory and technical services. We also pride ourselves on the support we offer our customers - whatever our customer’s needs, we’re here to discuss their requirements.

Join us on our journey to make the transition to a more sustainable world.

Our People

Our people are our stars. They are at the heart of our business, thinking innovatively and constantly searching for new ideas and ways we can improve what we do. It is their commitment and enthusiasm which helps to push us forward.

When you are passionate about what you do and the team around you, great things can happen. 


Our Areas

There are many different career paths to pursue at A-Gas. Each job is unique and due to the nature of what we do, you are likely to see something new every week – no two days are ever the same! Below is an overview of our teams and what they each do to help give you an idea of the wide range of roles available.