Recovery, Reclamation and Disposal Services

Refrigerant recovery and reclamation is at the forefront of what we do.

Our investment in custom-built, state-of-the-art technology demonstrates our commitment to providing the industry with market-leading reprocessing solutions. 

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Lifecycle Management

As part of our commitment to supporting complete lifecycle management, AFK is committed to recovering and reclaiming the maximum amount of product when equipment reaches the end of its life or a product retrofit is required.

AFK offers complete product lifecycle stewardship; end users and contractors can hand over responsibility for waste management to AFK, enabling you to easily fulfill your legislative and regulatory obligations. By providing an all-inclusive service, we prevent unnecessary destruction or emissions to the atmosphere along with any associated costs.

AFK has mobile recovery units and a large fleet of dedicated recovery cylinders, specifically designed for use in product recovery during equipment servicing and decommissioning. Tonne drums and ISO containers are available for recovery of larger volumes of materials.

Recovery and Reclamation Services

AFK are market leaders in waste refrigerant processing. Our refrigerant separation facilities, based in Eygelshoven and the United Kingdom, contain bespoke technology designed, commissioned and built in-house. By utilising the very latest technology, we are able to boost the supply of reclaim materials and recycle gases from a cocktail of returned refrigerants.


Product and Oil Disposal

In cases where the reclamation of refrigerants, oil or glycol is not possible, AFK will dispose of this material responsibly using certified and licensed disposal partners. With a range of disposal services available, we help you meet your internal sustainability goals in a safe and economically positive manner.

We treat speciality gases, liquefied gases and chemical liquids or mixtures thereof in any kind of pressure container.

As your partner for professional disposal we can assure you that you will fulfil all the legal requirements and the strict regulations of the environmental authorities.

According to the directive on the European List of Waste Materials (AVV) we can, at your request, dispose of:

  • AVV-Number 140601: chlorofluorocarbon, CFC, HFC
  • AVV-Number 160504: gases containing hazardous materials in pressure vessels
  • AVV-Number 130204: Chlorinated machine, gearbox and lubricating oil on a mineral basis

Refrigerants may only be taken back exclusively in catchment cylinders and recycling cylinders. We stock these containers for used refrigerants which are optically easily discernible from containers for new refrigerants.

In addition we also take care of the professional emptying and disposal of fire extinguisher cylinders.