Equipment and Tools

From filling hoses to adaptors, from quick-lock couplings to filling balances, from leak detector liquids, including UV lamps, to pressure reducers: We supply all the technical articles you need for handling, filling, maintenance and disposal of refrigerants. 

Our offering includes:

  • Adaptor (bottle connectors)
  • Filling hoses (standard pressure, high pressure)
  • Installation aids (2-way, 4-way)
  • Quick-lock couplings (high pressure, low pressure, optional with adapters)
  • Leak detector liquids
  • UV-lamps and glasses
  • Pressure reducers (nitrogen, CO2, oxygen)
  • Vacuum pumps in various capacities
  • Balances, programmable to the desired fill quantity
  • Refrigerant extraction units
  • Cooling machine oils

For more information on our full range of equipment and tools please contact our team on +49 (0) 4185 7001 0

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