Secondary Heat Transfer Fluids



Temper is a high performance heat transfer fluid designed for use in indirect cooling in food processing and beverage cooling applications. Transfer fulids have been specifically designed to deliver higher resistance to degradation, scale, bacterial growth and corrosion, with inclusion of specific corrosion inhibitors and lubricants.


  • Commercial Refrigeration
    Commercial Refrigeration
  • Domestic Refrigeration
    Domestic Refrigeration
  • Other
    Other *

*Food and beverage cooling, Solar panels, Heat pump systems, Artificial ski-tracks, Ice rinks, Indirect cooling systems

Packaging information

  • 22 kg
  • 248 kg
  • 1240 kg - Temper 55
  • Available from A-Gas wholesale partners. Use the ‘Find a supplier’ box to the right for further details
  • Larger pack sizes are available directly from A-Gas
  • Store container indoors at an ambient temperature, out of direct sunlight and away from heat
  • For alternative or larger package sizes please contact A-Gas on 1800 002 427 or via the Contact Us form

Product Features & Benefits

  • Offer excellent freeze protection particularly at lower temperatures, cleaner circuits, efficient heat transfers and long term cost benefits to system maintenance
  • Temper provides superior corrosion protection as it contains highly efficient inhibitors and lubricants
  • Temper fluid is a pale yellowish liquid with a low temperature range down to -55oC

The information contained within this website is for guidance only, for further system specific advice please call A-Gas directly.


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