Product Analysis and Laboratory Services

The A-Gas laboratory provides refrigerant analysis services for new and reclaimed product through our modern onsite laboratory.  Analyses are undertaken within the scope of AHRI 700.

The range of parameters tested include water (ppm by weight), chloride (pass/fail), acidity (ppm by weight), high boiling residue (% by volume or % by weight) , particulates/solids (pass/fail), non-condensables (% by volume), other volatile impurities (% by weight).

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Refrig Health Check (RHC)

The A‑Gas Refrig Health Check is designed to allow system owners to test the working fluids of a running system to establish whether the fluids are contaminated; the analysis results are accompanied by expert advice for remediation of any problems.

The kit includes a refrigerant sample cylinder, an oil test kit and all required equipment to take the samples all packaged in a robust box. The Refrig Health Check includes a prepaid courier collection note allowing the box to be returned to A‑Gas to generate analysis results as quickly as possible.

The Refrig Health check is ideal for use on systems that have operating problems or it may also be a valuable addition to your annual preventative maintenance programme.

Full Refrigerant Analysis Kit

Full Refrigerant Analysis (FRA)

As a system owner, refrigeration equipment represents an expensive asset from a capital cost perspective.

The Full Refrigerant Analysis kit is designed to provide laboratory analysis of contaminant levels in used refrigerant.

Results are expressed against the AHRI 700 standard maximum contaminant levels which are the internationally recognised ‘safe level’ for re-use of refrigerant in an HVAC system. This kit will therefore enable decision making on whether refrigerant can be reused or requires recycling/destruction.

Solution for Disposing of this Recovered Oil Responsibly

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis can provide early warning of potential problems by identifying concentrations of metals and other contaminants in the oil. This can avoid unscheduled downtime and also prevent damage to equipment. Our oil analysis kit contains a small bottle to take the oil sample and an instruction from which both need to be returned to A-Gas for analysis to take place.

Fire Suppression Testing Is Available
Halon 1301 and Halon 1211 Analysis

Halon Analysis (NATA)

The A-Gas laboratory performs Halon 1301 and Halon 1211 analysis to meet the fire extinguishing agent specification requirements of ASTM D5632-13 Type I & II and ISO 7201-1 1989. The various parameters tested include purity, acidity, water content, non-volatile residue, suspended matter, halogen ion, non-condensable gas and colour.  The laboratory is accredited with the Australian National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to ISO 17025 for these standards.  The laboratory currently provides halon analytical services to the Australian Government, the fire protection industry and the Australian and New Zealand aviation sector. 

Pre-Shipment Testing Service for Refrigerants and HFC Fire Protection

Pre-Shipment Testing

With most HFC products currently produced in China, importers need confidence in the quality of the products they are importing. A-Gas offers a pre-shipment testing service for refrigerants and HFC fire protection products shipped from China. This is for both bulk and packaged product and takes place when the merchandise is complete, packed and ready for shipment. The following aspects are inspected: 

  1. Full quality analysis of product before shipment 
  2. Leak detection using professional tools 
  3. Unit weight of small package products 
  4. Carton artwork, label, shrink seal, valve size and cylinder handle 
  5. Others as specified by customers