International Group

A‑Gas is an international group of companies with headquarters in the United Kingdom, facilities in EuropeSouth AfricaAustralia, ChinaThailand and the Americas.

Our core business is focused on:

  • Refrigerants:

     Used for heat exchange in air conditioning and chilling applications

  • Industrial Special Products:

    Including industrial and other gases used in a variety of applications

  • Environmental Services:

    Providing a full environmental service to the refrigeration industry, such as the recovery and reclamation of environmentally sensitive products

  • Performance Chemicals:

    Such as blowing agents used in the manufacture of insulating foams and chemicals used in the electronics industry

  • Fire Protection:

    Recovery, reclamation storage and management of Halons, supply and reclamation of Clean Agent Fire suppressants such as HFC227ea, HFC125, and HFC236fa


We invest in facilities of the highest quality and standards: purpose-built and engineered to the latest technological advances.

Our engineering teams around the world are dedicated to developing the best services, and our customised automated filling plants and cylinder tracking system ‘Cyltrak’ enable us to fully track our cylinders throughout the supply chain, and give you data for reports.

Using state-of-the-art refrigerant separation facilities, we reprocess unusable halon and refrigerants into usable products. Launched initially in the UK in 2011, and winning the RAC Cooling Award for Innovation in Refrigeration, our separation technology and expertise are used throughout our business.

From innovative ideas to successful product delivery, our comprehensive development process continuously brings new products and services to the marketplace, including: Trace-A-Gas®, REFRIG HEAL+H CHECK and Gas-Trak Online (GTO).

Customer Focus

Strong partnerships with customers and suppliers help us provide a range of solutions that suit you. That’s why we have dedicated relationship managers and customer services teams in all our locations.

We develop new products and services with you in mind – providing the solutions you need to meet your requirements and fulfil your regulatory obligations.

Further Information

A-Gas Facilities

We continually invest in developing and maintaining facilities of the highest quality and standards. All of our facilities are purpose built, highly sophisticated and engineered to take advantage of the latest technological advances. This includes a customised automated filling plant and our own proprietary cylinder tracking service, “Cyltrak” providing full cylinder traceability from filling to transportation and return. We also have substantial storage capacity at all of our major trading subsidiaries, allowing us to manage local as well as international inventories and consistently meet customers’ requirements in full.

Our Approach

  • Developing and maintaining strong strategic partnerships with key customers and suppliers
  • Responsive and flexible to customers’ needs and objectives
  • All staff and customers are kept up to date with the latest industry regulatory changes and technological advances
  • Responsible product stewardship, maximising efficiencies and meeting environmental, regulatory and health and safety responsibilities
  • Continuously exploring opportunities to diversify our product range and add value to the supply chain between manufacturer and end user.