Leading On-Site Refrigerant Recovery Service

Providing outstanding, nationwide refrigerant recovery for the HVAC, refrigeration, demolition, waste and marine industries. We are available 24/7 by appointment to service customer’s needs and challenging situations. 

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A-Gas Rapid Recovery Service


    Recovery is performed while the technician is duplicating his time using his specialised skills diagnosing and repairing equipment rather than handling empty and full recovery cylinders and waiting on the traditional recovery equipment.


    The time saved allows for both profit to the client and savings to the End User. A-Gas Rapid Recovery is a “pass-through” cost for the contractor.


    Every job we recover relieves the customer of any potential liability risk from Arctick. The team at A-Gas Rapid Recovery sticker every unit recovered, document every kilogram of refrigerant recovered and assume responsibility for proper handling.


    Our Rapid Recovery service will ensure minimal downtime with the aim of reducing the overall impact of Custom made petrol operated machines are typically 10 x faster than a contractor ‘buzz box’. They are also independent of all services like electricity and water and are ready to run at any time.


    A-Gas Rapid Recovery provides documentation exceeding Arc requirements with our job-site and year end reports. Our Arctick Certified technicians execute the contractors Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 2017 requirements for refrigerant tacking, handling and documentation.