R123 Refrigerant

Customer Service & Bulk Orders

For customer service and bulk orders please email [email protected], or call:

Singapore - [+65] 6836 0065

Shanghai - [+86] (21) 5013 3199

Thailand - [+66] (02) 637 8188-90



R123 is a replacement for R11 in low pressure centrifugal systems.


  • Commercial Refrigeration
    Commercial Refrigeration
  • Industrial Refrigeration
    Industrial Refrigeration

*low pressure centrifugal chillers, retrofits of existing centrifugal chillers

Packaging information

  • For alternative or larger package sizes please contact A-Gas via the Contact Us form

Product Features & Benefits

  • In retrofits of existing centrifugal chillers, systems modifications are often needed to increase capacity or avoid material incompatibility. Consult with the OEM manufacturer for specific guidance.
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