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R141B Insulation Solvent

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HCFC-141b is utilised as a blowing agent for Polyurethane and other insulation foam applications .HCFC-141b has an ozone depleting potential of 0.11 and is being phased out under the Montreal protocol. HCFC-141b is supplied only into those markets  where its use is still allowed under the Montreal protocol.  A-Gas also offers a range of non-ozone depleting blowing agents to help customers transition away from such ozone depleting products.

HCFC-141b is also still used for some specific solvent cleaning applications due to its excellent solvency and non-toxic properties.


  • Foam Blowing Applications
    Foam Blowing Applications

* Solvent Cleaning 

Packaging information

  • 250 kg Drum

 - For alternative or larger package sizes please contact A-Gas via the Contact Us form

Product Features & Benefits

  • Std blowing agent in most existing Polyol formations
  • Provides excellent insulation and foam properties
  • Non Flammable with an ASHRAE safety classification of A1
  • Ozone depleting potential of 0.11