A-Gas International Team

The team at A-Gas has a wealth of technical expertise and industry experience. If you have any questions or comments, speak to one of the team direct, or fill in our contact form. 

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Group Finance

  • Willem Aalbers

    Willem Aalbers

    Group Financal Controller
  • Matt Baker

    Matt Baker

    Group Financial Planning and Analysis Manager
  • John Fitzgerald

    John Fitzgerald

    Group Head of Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Luke Laws

    Luke Laws

    Group Accountant
  • Andrew Wright

    Andrew Wright

    Group Business Intelligence Manager

Business Services

  • Darren Adams

    Darren Adams

    Group Business Systems Director
  • Joe Callaghan

    Joe Callaghan

    Group Business Systems Developer
  • Paul Fitzpatrick

    Paul Fitzpatrick

    Group Enterprise Architect
  • Mike Nisbet

    Mike Nisbet

    Group Systems Developer
  • Emanuela Mafteiu

    Emanuela Mafteiu

    Group Design and Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Hayley Russell

    Hayley Russell

    Group Brand and Marketing Manager
  • Lucy Excell

    Lucy Excell

    Group Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • Ruth Boxall

    Ruth Boxall

    Group Executive Assistant
  • Jordan Dunn

    Jordan Dunn

    Group Business Support Assistant